Back at Elon!

So, first of all, I want to make it known that we were done with production before 11 p.m. tonight. It was the greatest night of my life.

Getting to go to the CMA conference was such a great experience for me. I got so many new ideas that I want to try at The Pendulum, and I can’t wait to share the things that I learned with the other executive staff members.

We always talk about “taking more design risks” with the Style section and the Sports section, but no one is ever really sure where to go from there. Do we throw in a random font that may not make sense to someone not on staff? Do we tilt photos? (Different staff members will tell you different answers to this one!) The sessions at the conference gave me so many new ideas on how to take risks with our newspaper, but risks that will pay off and not just be a one-time thing that doesn’t work out.

It’s a major plus that, in addition to learning all these cool new things we can do (which I’m not revealing in this blog so that they’ll be new(!) and exciting(!) when they’re actually in our paper), I got to strengthen my friendship with some of our staff members, and of course, our adviser. This was probably one of the best things about the whole trip, wandering around New York with some of the best people.

While New York was definitely a blast, I’m so excited to be back at Elon and ready to take our paper to new places!

-Kristen Case


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