It was fun, NYC!

First of all, I would like to point out that I’ve been up since 4 a.m. for a flight home (thanks Colin, ha!) and am quite tired, so if anything in this post seems unreasonable, my apologies.

The conference, overall, was an awesome experience. I think that all Pendulum staffers who attended learned a lot that could definitely be implemented at The Pendulum really quickly. I have learned about various story ideas and new ways to approach an “old” idea for a story. We need to brainstorm more! We also don’t need to be afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone to attempt something never done before, such as a story about sexual health, relationships or love. I think this has the potential to bring in more of a student-base of readers, which is something that we, as a student news organization, should really strive to achieve.

I think that the newspaper critique that we received about two of our newspapers from this semester could provide some excellent insight to the future of the newspaper as a whole. A lot of what was pointed out were items that I know have been discussed before, but that have also not really been implemented into the daily happenings of The Pendulum. I hope that this conference and what we learned from the sessions, as well as the critique, to actually change things. I am determined, and I know that Elizabeth, Rebecca and Kristen are as well.

– Kate Riley

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