The advance team

The advance team. It’s the team that handles the coming of a major presidential candidate. According to Sharon Stantus of Bloomburg University in P.A., this is the group that anyone hoping to get an interview with such a candidate. This is good to know, and it’s good to know who to get in contact with if you want to interview such a person, but this is one of the only points that was made during this session.

I was excited to walk into this second session of my day, because it was about how to land awesome interviews with A-list celebrities, presidential candidates and rock stars! So cool, right? Who doesn’t want to interview a presidential candidate or Adele? I know I do. Unfortunately, this session wasn’t all it was thought to be.

I learned that yes, it’s important to contact ahead of time. It’s also vital to research the person or subject before interviewing someone, also something that I have learned. However, these points were some of very few that were conveyed to the audience and were not conveyed very well. The speaker had trouble really getting the points she wanted across; this is vitally important when talking to a room full of college journalists. You have to be engaging and know how to reach a group of young journalists.

– Kate Riley


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