Session 7: The A-List

There are some sessions that just… flop. This was one of them.

“The A-List: Landing Interviews with Presidents, Rock Stars and Hollywood’s Elite,” led by Sharon Santus of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, sounded like it had some awesome potential. As an aspiring entertainment journalist, it’s really important to me that I know how to approach celebrities (or their publicists) and ask for an interview, no matter how long. It’s a super-crucial part of the process to land interviews with people, and knowing how to do that with celebrities would be wildly beneficial.

But Sharon’s session never quite got off the ground. It could have been that she stuck to the generic PowerPoint structure, leaving the bullet points and pictures to do all the talking. Or it could have been that, five minutes into the session, Sharon truly could not speak at all — she’s currently battling a cold, and somehow lost her voice just after the session began. It took nearly 10 minutes for her to regain her speaking ability, which included much awkward silence and some sad moments in which people got up and left. Kate and I stuck out the session, but it ultimately included more name-dropping on Sharon’s part than anything else. Her step-by-step process for landing interviews was helpful, and I’m glad I have the notes as reference. But the session lost its way early on, and never quite got back on the right track.

–Rebecca Iannucci


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