Get That Job

This was one of the session that lived up to my expectations almost completely. I didn’t expect to be a super thrilling session, but I figured it was one that I could come away with a lot from it, and I was totally right. It was all about breaking into the magazine industry in New York as a designer.

Some of the main things that I took away from it were that the design staffs are fairly small, so creatives have to “wear a lot of hats.” Also, the panel, which was made up of Leah Bailey and Dennis Wynn, assured the audience that you can exist on a freelance salary. Everyone seems to have this idea that being a freelancer means that you’re working out of the corner of your bedroom on occasion, but that’s not the case at all. They both were adamant that freelancing just means you’re paying for your own insurance, and it was just a status on how you get your check, it’s still a full-time job. Another big thing they emphasized was that magazine design is all about working from a proactive stand-point, instead of the reactive designing that happens at a newspaper. The art directors at magazines do a lot more dictating what visual content and photos go on a page.

They also talked a lot about portfolios, and I took away a lot of things that I’m going to implement in my working portfolio.

-Kristen Case


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