Chicken Salad Part II

Koretzky impressed me so much yesterday that I was seriously looking forward to today’s Chicken Salad session. I didn’t see how it was too different from yesterday’s session, other than rewriting ledes, but I was excited nonetheless.

He definitely talked about a lot of useful things in his session. But the big things I took away from it weren’t about design in the least. The major things that I got from it were that 1.) we’re right to emphasize NOT putting dates at the top of your story unless it’s really, really relevant and 2.) stories should be more about perspective than process. Student voices should be emphasized, and administration/administrative things should be down played.

I was a little bummed that he designed the majority of the pages in an alternative magazine style because it isn’t really something we can implement at The Pendulum. Also, while I appreciated and enjoyed a lot of his designs, I wasn’t sure how I felt about his word choice in his rewrites. I completely agree that we need to be writing more like we speak to keep our audience, who is mainly students, interested. However, we are still writing for faculty members as well, and I don’t really think they would appreciate the lack of professionalism that using the word “sucked” indicates. It kind of makes it seem like we aren’t taking our work seriously and just using slang like it doesn’t matter that we have an older audience as well as a college-aged one.

Also, as much as I enjoy him as a presenter, I feel like he shows some things solely for shock value. Yesterday, his Chicken Salad session included a full-frontal nude photo, which was actually relevant to the topic and had a purpose. Today, he included a photo at the end of his presentation that wasn’t really a photo, but a woman’s naked body made completely out of letters and type. It was thrown in at the end of his presentation to show us the power of type, but it really seemed like it was just stuck at the end to shock the audience. He’s a captivating enough speaker on his own, he doesn’t need stupid gimmicks like the promise of a “naked” woman to keep people paying attention.

-Kristen Case


One thought on “Chicken Salad Part II

  1. I’m sick and tired of this blog criticizing the presenters at the conventions I now organize. We’re your elders, and we’re never wrong.

    Actually, bully for you. And just for the record, I don’t want you to write like me or design like me. I just want to make you aware of your options.

    As for the nudity being a “stupid gimmick,” I disagree. That was very educational nudity. But to each his (or her) naked own.

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