The next session I had was filled to the brim with students from all over. It was a session regarding a topic some of us college students view with unease and a slight amount of fear… getting a job. Take my Job Please! was a panel of three people young, but experienced enough to pass along useful job/internship hunting advice. For me I always love hearing about other people’s experiences: leaving school, getting that first job and beginning a real life for themselves. I think its always comforting to hear people who were just like you who were in college not that long ago are now out there making a name for themselves and more importantly loving their job and doing something that matters. I think the biggest take-aways from this session is the importance of branding yourself (creating a, a blog, managing your social media sites etc.) and some logistical stuff like your rent should never be higher then 30% or your income and the idea that once you are in a company you really only owe them a year commitment depending on your contract.

-Elizabeth Nerich


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