Sorry, We Decided to Go with Someone Else

This is one of the only sessions that I’m going to this weekend that wasn’t based around design, it was solely about breaking into the magazine business and how Breia Brissey broke into working for Entertainment Weekly.

After a great lunch at Café Metro, which was like an upgraded Pangeos (I got shrimp in my pasta! And fresh mozzarella), and some frantic blogging, none of us were really ready to go back to sessions, but Breia was so relatable, it felt more like listening to a friend tell a story than sitting through a session. She was able to keep the discussion funny while still being realistic about the jobs available in the magazine industry. She encouraged everyone to be honest with the people they are applying to work for – she told This Old House Magazine that she knew nothing about what they  did and they still hired her for several months.

It was definitely interesting to hear about her experience with moving to New York and trying to find her dream job, and she was very nice, but I don’t really feel like I learned anything I didn’t already know.

-Kristen Case


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