Session 4: Features That Rock

The days go by fast at the CMA Conference. Each session is 50 minutes long, and having the requirement of attending 4 sessions a day means an automatic 4 hours lost. Factor in lunch and relaxation time, and going from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. is a piece of cake.

Before I knew it, my 4 p.m. session — “Features That Rock” — had rolled around, led by Richard Conway of Nassau Community College. It was an interesting dynamic. 4 p.m. sessions, from what I’ve learned, are a bit sleepy. It’s the end of the day, after all. But still, the session on feature stories was interesting enough. Less engaging than I had hoped (Richard was hoping to give us 20 minutes to talk about our own experiences with feature stories, and he left us with… about five), but really, really informative. I walked away with an entire five-page packet of potential feature ideas for The Pendulum, which I know our Features Editor Becky Wickel will love, and it was overall a helpful session. So much learning! I can’t handle it! I’m trying my best, though. I think I’m doing all right.

Day 1 = success! Can’t wait for Day 2. Simply cannot wait.

–Rebecca Iannucci


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