Session 3: Sorry, We Decided to Go With Someone Else…..

The full title of this session was, “Sorry, We Decided to Go With Someone Else: How I Ended Up With an Awesome Job I Didn’t Know Existed.” A jam-packed, awesome title for what turned out to be a jam-packed, awesome session.

But I can’t say that I expected anything less!

…..Despite the fact that I’m super biased. Anyone who knows me knows that my ultimate dream job is to write for Entertainment Weekly. I’ve subscribed to the magazine since I was 10 years old, and my love for it has only grown since then. The writing is so, so clever and fresh and descriptive, and the content is always up-to-date and informative, and it’s really just the fusion of my two favorite things: journalism and pop culture. To intern there would be such a dream come true.

So, sitting in on a session run by an associate editor at Entertainment Weekly was a few steps away from the dream. During my Winter Term trip to the Sundance Film Festival, EW had an entire building located on the corner of Main Street, 10 minutes from the house where we were staying. Somehow, I let the entire week go by without taking a trip to the office to network. That was the only real regret I had about the trip to Sundance, and it was a pretty big one. Letting my dream internship slip away was not something I was too proud of.

But this session completely reinvigorated me. Breia Brissey, the speaker, was really engaging. She was funny, but also realistic about how to break into the NYC magazine industry. Even though several of today’s sessions have taught us things we already knew, Breia was able to find a new, refreshingly honest way to tell us how to obtain that elusive job or internship. The truth is, we’ll get rejected. Many times. Even when you have your foot in the door, or you have an inside connection, or you’ve already worked for that company in some previous form, you might get turned down. And it can be really disheartening, but it has to happen.

Still, Breia’s session didn’t kill our momentum, because we were able to see her as someone who’s gotten past all the rejection and come into her own as an associate editor at EW. Sure, she may have had some bumps in the road on her way there. But ultimately, she’s okay.

And we’ll be okay, too.

–Rebecca Iannucci


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