Session 2: Take My Job, Please

Though it’s still two years away, the thought of searching for a real-world job is already terrifying. To most people, I think, not just to me. And those fears were (somewhat) alleviated by Olivia Hubert-Allen and Alex McDaniel, of The Baltimore Sun and Parade Magazine, respectively.

Their session, “Take My Job, Please,” was fairly insightful into the do’s and don’ts of hunting for a job immediately after graduation. They discussed the interview process, how to minimize stress, how to prioritize and a whole myriad of other subjects that we freak out about when looking for a place to start our careers.

The only thing, though, is that… I’m only a sophomore. The post-graduation job search is overshadowed by the desperate search for a summer internship right now, and that takes precedence above all. So, while the session was incredibly helpful and informative to many students, I wish that we could time-travel and I’d been sitting in that conference room as a college senior. The lessons learned would have been much more applicable to me, which is so unfortunate. Allen and McDaniel worked hard to de-stress the students in the room and explain their process of finding a job after graduation. For me, at least, I feel it’s too bad that so many of us weren’t seniors. I would have found the session so much more valuable, which is really a shame.

But! But! Next on the agenda is a session led by the associate editor of my dream-job publication, Entertainment Weekly. I absolutely could not be more excited.

–Rebecca Iannucci


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