Rock n’ Roll Journalism?

Today’s 9 a.m session might have been a little too early for the subject matter, but I enjoyed it. The professors, who were leading the session titled Rock n’ Roll in the digital age,  talked to us about their exciting past. Interviewing not so much the rich and famous but people who were on the road to fame and later on in life would get to that prestigious spot. I thought since the word digital was in the title the session might have more to do with social and new media but that really wasn’t the purpose of this talk. I did get an interesting perspective on the world of music blogs though. I think also some of the tips were useful to any type of interviewing scenario musical or not. Another thing I really liked was the blogging tips because that is another interest of mine. One critique I do have for the speakers was the power point. I really hate it when the text is animated and swirls in or out of slides. That was pretty annoying and I was slightly confused towards the end of the session when they were talking about recording on a tape recorder vs. digital. They were saying something about how recording digitally has a expiration date while recording on tape can last longer. Overall it was pretty good experience and I’m excited for more sessions!


-Elizabeth Nerich


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