Monday is over!

Well, not really. There’s still dinner to get and shopping to do, but all of the sessions are done for the day.

The last session I attended today was not at all what I was expecting. The session it was supposed to be (Want to Land a Cool Gig Overseas? Here’s How) got canceled because the speaker had a family emergency and couldn’t attend. HUGE bummer, because, while New York is where I think I’ll eventually end up, I would love to work overseas first.

Instead, I ended up sitting through a session titled: Defending Design in the Age of Consolidation. ‘Okay,’ I thought to myself, ‘that probably won’t be so bad. It’s gonna be about why design is still important and maybe I’ll learn more about what my dream job is going to be.’ It was also the only SND session I went to, and those were the ones that really got played up on the conference site, so I figured it had to be good, regardless.

So false. The presenter spent 30 minutes talking about how Hearst had bought his newspaper and three others and made them all use the same design templates and the same set of designers. He spent a good portion of that half an hour talking about the fonts that they had custom made for them and how no one else had the fonts and what exactly the fonts said about the four publications. Cool and all because I’m a font geek, but this session taught me nothing. I learned the phrase “design hub” and that was about it.

I definitely wasn’t the only one disappointed that Nick Mrozowski couldn’t be there, when Lee Steele announced that the original session wasn’t going to take place, about half the people in the room left, and then as the session went on, more and more people snuck out of the room.

In other news, they announced the people who got to take media tours, and I AM GOING ON A HEARST MEDIA TOUR. TO COSMO AND FOOD NETWORK MAGAZINE. In case you couldn’t tell, I lost my mind a little bit. My goal for the media tour is to make them give me a job, and then I’ll skip the last two years of college and just live in New York and work for Hearst. Who needs to finish college if you’ve already gotten a fantastic job.

That’s realistic, right?

-Kristen Case


One thought on “Monday is over!

  1. I’m sorry you were disappointed. Indeed, Nick probably had a much more compelling message, and I’d also rather hear about working overseas than about a newspaper consolidation. Much more glamorous topic.

    The topic of “newspaper consolidation” has less to do what “dream job” and more to do with harsh realities that we have to face.

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