Internships are scary

Well, I finally attended a session about the scary, scary world that is the job/internship search. This has been on my mind constantly this year, so going to a session about it seemed fitting (and also daunting).

Breia Brissey, associate editor at Entertainment Weekly, didn’t have the easiest time finding a job. Granted, she’s only 23 years old and already an editor at an incredible magazine, but her road to get there wasn’t simple. Honestly, it was quite refreshing to hear this story because a lot of what I hear when talking to current magazine editors or writers is “oh, I just happened to know this person and happened to get this incredible job.” Breia made it clear how hard it really is to get such a job. However hard her road, she still ended up in the “right place at the right time,” she said. Cool.

Either way, Breia provided some awesome advice when not only applying for internships, but also when  you have an internship. Creating relationships with employers is very important, and so is always saying yes. I think I can do that.

Obviously, I won’t get to just work with my best friend in whatever job I end up getting – there are going to be some people that I just don’t enjoy working with. I’m expecting that, but that is why you have to know how to work with all types of people, a lot of them people with who you aren’t very compatible. I’ve figured this out during the end of high school and am definitely still figuring it out – it’s something that can’t be ignored. You have to learn to take criticism and if you can’t you’re going to have some serious problems in the real world.

Thanks Breia!

– Kate Riley


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