ESPN and Social Media

This session was about Sports, specifically ESPN, and the world of social media. I wanted to attend this meeting because I always feel out of my element when it comes to sports. As social media editor I have to tease all the sections of the paper that’s normally fine and I’m very happy to do it (for its my job) but when I get to the sports section I feel a little awkward and totally out of my element. In an attempt to end this awkwardness and try and build a relationship with this mysterious section I went out to explore and hopefully learn more.

It was not the session I thought it would be, there were some helpful hints but mostly the session was geared to be more about ESPN and how to land a job/internship then the world of social media and sports. Some helpful things I took away from the session was learning about Facebook’s algorithm (” edge rank score “). Did you know the ESPN Facebook page only post 7 times a week?  I also learned a lot what makes a good resume for social media people. Hint: Twitter handles are acceptable!

-Elizabeth Nerich

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