Design: The Basics and Beyond

Coming from the Chicken Salad session, I had such high expectations for the rest of the conference. I learned a lot, laughed some and came up with multiple new ideas for The Pendulum to implement. Sadly, this session seriously let me down.

The speaker was not an engaging person, her voice was monotonous and she did not seem to have a lot of enthusiasm for what she was doing. It was the exact opposite of the Chicken Salad session. Design Central (where all the design sessions are being held for this conference, so basically where I’m living for the next couple days) was basically empty and the people that were there did not seem to care. They were talking about other sessions they were planning on going to, and the girl next to me spent the entire session on her phone.

My biggest problem with the session, however, was the fact that the power point that the speaker showed us was one of the worst I had ever seen. Here she was, preaching to us about design, and I couldn’t read most of her title slides, the text was too blown out of proportion and weirdly pixelated, and her examples were pictures of computer screens. It was the saddest thing I had ever seen. I didn’t want to listen to a word she was saying because I was so upset by the fact that she was there with a very sub-par presentation.

The times that I could stop myself from thinking about how cold I was (because Design Central is a freezing cold room) and listen to her presentation, I realized I knew everything she was talking about. She wasn’t giving me any new ideas, just telling me not to do things that I already knew not to do. Like, not just ending stories with awkward white space, but making them line up at the bottom  of the page.

Other random things I noticed: I’m pretty sure she pulled something straight out of one of the books I’m using for my Design and Infographics class.

-Kristen Case


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