Creative thinking?

When Sean Kelly, an illustrator who has drawn for the Washington Post, The New York Times and Rolling Stone, walked into to the front of my last session of the day, I think my expectations for this were very high, as I thought the session was going to be interesting and different approach to thinking of creative and interesting story ideas.

Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly what happened. Mr. Kelly was extremely friendly and had a few good ideas, but I think that they weren’t conveyed in the best way. However, I did have a couple of takeaways from the session that were helpful.

When sitting down in a group to brainstorm for ideas, it is important to not criticize the ideas presented. Kelly emphasized how each idea, no matter how crazy it is, can bring a chain of thoughts that could bring about the best idea of all. Don’t hold back, and unusual suggestions are encouraged. Cool! I like that idea. This, to me, is the main process of creative thinking – the creative part.

Don’t just go with the first angle to a story that pops into your mind, either, because tons of other people probably came up with that exact same story idea. Try and think of a lot of ideas, make a chart even, Kelly said. This can also help you realize what ideas are connected and what might make a good combination for a story.

– Kate Riley


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