Covering the LGBTQ Campus

Clearly, the gay community is a hot topic in and media and has been for a while now. Even on Elon’s campus The Pendulum has covered this topic for a while. Obviously, it’s important and is something that needs to be covered but oftentimes I think that the topic is covered in the same way. The first session I went to this morning talked about just this – and offered 15 new story ideas and suggestions for covering this topic in new and interesting ways.

The session, given by Trum Simmons of Harrisburg Area Community College, dove into many topics that I think many universities, including Elon, don’t bring up when discussing this topic. I think The Pendulum could benefit from this type of reporting as well.

One idea suggested was looking into the option and presence of queer studies classes on college campuses. I am not aware of many, if any, queer studies classes at Elon and I think that this is something worth investigating as many students in the room reported having such classes at their schools. One idea that went along with this was how administrators feel and align with LGBTQ members of society, particularly in their schools. It’s important to know how the student body feels about the community, but also surveying faculty, staff and the administration would provide excellent data to a new side of the story.

The third story idea that Simmons spoke about is to find a transgender student or faculty member (if there is one), and do a feature story on that person. It would be helpful for a college campus to also know abou this as it is important and provides a very different perspective.

I loved this session because it gives a new spin on a recurring topic. As a university news organization, The Pendulum could definitely take from this session and I will bring what I learned back to other staff members.

– Kate Riley


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