Chicken Salad part 1

This session may have been the best possible way for me to start my experience at the CMA ’12 conference.

Despite the strange name, which never got explained, was fantastic. The man who ran it, Michael Koretzky, was hilarious and kept the audience’s attention, seemingly without a lot of effort. The room was absolutely packed, I suspect a lot of people came for the promised nudity and profanity in the session but they stayed because Koretzky made it worth while. He bribed people with gold dollars to answer questions that he asked, even if they were wrong or just clearly trying too hard to be funny.

While I knew a lot of the things that he talked about, the basic design rules and the points he brought up, I got a lot out of this session. The Pendulum is trying to take more risks with its design of things, and this session gave me so many new ideas that I can’t wait to try out. Koretzky said something that really stuck with me, that I hope to implement in our newspaper, and that was that this is the time to take risks, because our livelihood isn’t riding on it. The worst that can happen is that the administration is unhappy with us, or we do something that doesn’t work.

Hey, we can’t do any worse than the front page that Florida Atlantic University paper, University Press, ran that was titled, “We Sucked and It Blew.”

-Kristen Case


One thought on “Chicken Salad part 1

  1. So you think “Chicken Salad” is a strange name for a session, do you? You’re right that I never explained it. But a room full of inquisitive college journalists never bothered to ask me, either.

    Too bad. Because in Orlando, one resourceful student did. And I gave her a $10 Starbucks gift card.

    Now you’ll never know. Unless you go to Chicago and ask me there.

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