I am so happy to be home! We have recently landed in my hometown of New York City and are getting prepared for tomorrow. I am really excited for the day, and I know I have a lot to learn from this conference.

I’m most interested in the new media presentations, being the social media editor, but I think it would be good for me to go out and learn about different aspects of what make a news organization really tick. In our field its best to know a lot of skills surrounding media. I’m just really happy to be here in the city and talking with people who have similar interests to me. Another interesting thing about the CMA conference is a lot of people from my summer internship are here. I worked with WTOP radio through TFAS (the Fund for American Studies). Now my internship coordinator is here and I will be meeting up with some of the TFAS alumni tomorrow night.

I am so thrilled to be spending time with both TFAS alumni and The Pendulum staffers. This is a great opportunity not only to learn skills in social media but really bond with some staff members which is really exciting!

Elizabeth Nerich


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