Disney on Ice


So we never got to eat Mickey Mouse Pancakes. But that’s not to say our trip to Orlando wasn’t a success. In fact, I’m quite pleased with everything our group ate (especially Colin’s Birthday Flan). And even more important than the food, we learned a great amount that we’ve already started applying at our news organization (note: not newspaper).

As I talked about here, the awards we walk or don’t walk away with from the convention is probably the least important part of the trip. I already know that my friends at The Pendulum are doing phenomenal work, and we’ll continue to grow, adapt and change. As the semester winds down, we’re still in the office every day preparing some awesome things for our readers:

We’re getting ready to start our four-issue-long social media campaign this week and I’m excited to increase engagement on these new platforms. We’re going to be hiring for the 2012 year in the next couple of weeks and our new Editor-in-Chief will be announced today. There are changes abound at The Pendulum, and I’m glad I can be in the middle of them all.

One last thing I’m certain of: Next year’s ACP convention is in Chicago and I know, whether I’m in attendance or not, if deep dish pizza is not eaten I will be greatly disappointed.

-Jeff Stern


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