We have an excess of manliness in the Comm center right now.

For some reason, I felt really compelled to put a quote from Danny Boyle’s excellent film Sunshine as my title. There you go.

So with a full week now to think about my experience in Orlando, I’ve got a few observations.

  1. I really enjoyed hanging out with the other Pendulum staff members that went to Orlando with us. I got to hang out outside of the hotel with all of them and built relationships that will hopefully last for a long time.
  2. I came back with a list of ways to improve the sports section. More multimedia, better filler content, better stories, better everything.
  3. I learned how my faith can shape my professional attitude and how much it can influence me.
Most importantly, I came back with a ridiculous goal that just may be unattainable. BUT, that doesn’t mean we can’t go down trying. I want The Pendulum to have the best sports coverage of Elon University. Better than ElonPhoenix.com and better than The Times-News. Again, somewhat unattainable, but there’s no reason we can’t give it a shot.
– Zachary Horner

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