Passing on the torch

Normally when I come back from conventions I feel like it is time for a marathon. I have to practice what I learned and figure out the best way to implement it. For the three seniors (anna, sam and me) coming back from Orlando has been more of a fast paced sprint as part of a relay race. We are trying to accomplish as much as possible and then pass on that torch.

I literally have one month left as a staff member of The Pendulum. For the three seniors who attended the convention this year, coming back has been crazy. We just attended our last convention, but more importantly we have limited time to implement what we learned into the organization. In the last two weeks we have sat down and implemented a social media policy, started a social media campaign and already started rethinking how to work the magazine insert of The Pendulum, Elon Edge.

Orlando was amazing. Yes, it is a magical place. Yes, it was nice to go to city walk and downtown disney, but most importantly it was great to get to reflect on how far the three of us have come as people and in the organization. It also was really important for me to see the younger representatives and see how excited they were for the future. Everyone brought home so many great ideas for the paper, for research papers and for their futures. It was sad realizing that I was never going to go on another Pendulum trip again, and in one month I will no longer be attending production on Mondays and budget on Wednesdays, but seeing how eager the six sophomores and juniors were on the trip made me realize how important these conventions are and how deserving the future staff is.

I cannot really say much about my future. I have no idea where I will be in 6 months. Hopefully the magazine sessions I attended will lead me to New York City and the glossy pages of a magazine. If not, at least I know that six months from now The Pendulum will still be strong. And in one month the new staff will be starting on an amazing journey. They will make their best friends. They will feel more at home in their office then in their home. And not too long from now they will be wondering what they are going to do without budget and production. For me Orlando was really about passing on the torch.

-Rebecca Smith


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