We’re Talking! To People! And Giving Them Our Twitter Handles!

The second session I attended today was about student media uses of social media such as Twitter and Facebook. There were three panelists. One was the Online Editor for The Daily Tar Heel and the other two were The Pendulum’s very own Sam Calvert (online managing editor) and Jeffery Stern (online editor-in-chief).

There were some great things said about social media, mostly by Sam and Jeff. The Daily Tar Heel person brought up a few good points, such as:

  • Schedule Tweets. As the guy who is kind of in charge of the @pendulumsports Twitter account, I’m not good at scheduling things. I’m going to work on that.
  • Doing a “Best of the Tweets” section for events. I would like that.
  • Using Facebook. A lot of the Daily Tar Heel’s traffic comes through Facebook. I know we at The Pendulum use Facebook, but being more interactive and more open to student feedback through it.

Sam and Jeff kicked butt. Legitimately. They talked about @pendulumlive and sharing from the Facebook page and doing little things to get visibility and integrating newspaper stories with multimedia content.

They’re awesome.

Plus, at the end of the session, Jeff gave people his Twitter handle (@jeff_stern). Win.

– Zachary Horner


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