The Successful Sports Section Is…

As the assistant sports editor of The Pendulum, I want a “successful sports section” more than anything else. So when there was a session titled “A Successful Sports Section,” it just made sense to go.

I never caught the name of the guy who led it, but he had some good things to say. There were some things that I want to incorporate into our current sports section to make it the premier section in The Pendulum. I know some of my fellow section editors may feel challenged by that, but bring it on.

Some things I really liked:

  • Do features on clubs. Look at PE classes. There are some great stories there and it gets the regular student in the paper.
  • Make sure you’re getting the “Why?” when doing features on individuals.
  • Take a survey to find out what people read. Then feature more of what people read in your section.
  • The more names you can get into a story, the better.

And the guy said the word “dude” a lot. And “bird.” Referring to sports reporters. Interesting.

– Zachary Horner


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