Build-a-Social-Media Policy

I originally had planned on attending “Five Habits for Getting Any Job Done Right” but it was cancelled so I ended up at the “Build-a-Social-Media Policy.”  It wasn’t what I was planning on attending but I am glad I was able to hear the panelists.

The roundtable discussion brought up a few points on who should be in charge of your social media that I hadn’t necessarily thought about before.  At The Pendulum, every executive staff member has the password to our Twitter account and are admins on our Facebook page.  The panelists suggested limiting who has access to your EIC, Social Media Editor and Online Editor-in-Chief.  I wondered how that would impact our use of social media during a crisis when we have several reporters and editors tweeting.  The solution was rather obvious.  Reporters and editors should still be tweeting professionally from their personal accounts with the same hashtag and a social media editor can retweet the ones that tell the best story.  This prevents overlap and keeps someone in a office in control.

Anna Johnson


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