A familiar face from iMedia and TN

An iMedia graduate and former online editor at The Times-News, one of my former internships, hosted this session and did an outstanding job.  I had met Alex Kreitman previously at Elon but it was nice to see him again since he moved down to Charleston.

After giving a brief overview of how Facebook and Twitter is used for breaking news, weather and traffic alerts and using blogs, he moved on to professional pages.  This is something that I have always debated having and I worried about what I would be posting.  Now that I am about to be leaving Elon and I’m leaving The Pendulum in just a few weeks I realize now I should have done this earlier.  A professional page adds a personal touch to you and your organization, and they can be used to help each other. Look for mine soon.

If you have a professional page you should be:

  • Posting at least five times a day
  • Add other elements including youtube videos and ask questions
  • Your main focus should be getting likes in the beginning
  • Be sure to cross promote with your organization
  • Always responding to posts
  • Be a friend and not a business
Anna Johnson

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