There’s more than one way to skin a cat

While I don’t necessarily write features all the time, nor do I want to go into feature writing, I do think that features are so interesting because I think that people are interesting. I like learning about writing features because it’s almost like a blueprint as to how to learn about people in general, which is so important.

To begin this session, we talked about one incident and the different ways to look at it.

– News story: A dog bites a man.
– Sports story: How fast the dog was running.
– Business story: Man sues the dog.
– Feature story: How the man tasted.

While, yes, the example is pretty lame, I think it brings up an amazing point: there are typically multiple stories beneath the surface of what we see as a fairly simple one. We just have to think in different ways. This applies to almost everything: print stories, experiences in life, people we meet. We can’t just take our first understanding of a situation or a person and think we have the whole picture. There is always more than one way to look at everything.

– Sam Calvert


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