There are no such things as ‘crunchy guitars’

For journalists who want to go into magazines they need to follow a different path than students who want to go straight into news. They tend to serve as features or arts and entertainment writers. In ‘An Entertaining Way Into Magazines’ Michael Koretzky discussed different ways to get into the industry.

There are 19,000 magazines in America. However, none of these publications hire a lot of people so it creates a lot of people trying to fill a few spots. In order for people to be viable candidates they need to make sure they have certain skill sets: the ability to write a good story, solve problems, find a new angle for stories, collaborate with workers to create well designed clips and the ability to think outside of the box and take risks.

Koretzky went through and talked about things that all editors in the style section need to remember:

  1. Don’t just write about obscure music that nobody knows.
  2. Movie reviews should be more than a summary and a few stars.
  3. If you can google something for the information, then do NOT write it.
  4. Write more than just restaurant reviews — look for weird food
  5. Write stories that have angles, not topics
  6. You don’t have a photo or a story, but a blank page
  7. Previews not reviews with theatre. Don’t just tell people it was great and they missed it.
  8. Write about students.
  9. With fashion stories make sure you are in-depth.
And if you can’t remember any of these things, then remember that there are no such things as crunchy guitars. This is a descriptor that was seen in college newspapers. And well, what do you imagine a crunchy guitar to look like? I can’t imagine that.
-Rebecca Smith

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