Social media ruling the newsroom

I was really excited to hear that Alex Kreitman, one of Elon’s own, was giving a session at the conference. I’ve never met the guy and I know little about him other than I used to see his columns in the Times-News when he was interning there and that he completed Elon’s iMedia graduate program, but something about seeing a real live Elon alum who has a successful career is inspiring to me. I actually got up out of the session I was in at 12:30 when I remembered he was speaking at that time.

Kreitman’s session, “Let Social Media Run Your Newsroom,” was designed to give practical tips, advice and examples on how to consistently use social media at a news organization, bot to represent the organization itself and allow the anchors, reporters and other staff member to communicate with viewers and readers. He mostly focused on social media in the context of a broadcast news station, but the information could easily be applied to a newspaper, as well.

His station has a huge social media fan base who are actively engaging with the organization on Facebook and Twitter throughout the day. That is to their advantage and helps their social media presence become even wider, even faster. But it came through consistently implementing effective strategies on their social media websites, like regularly posting and giving their followers and fans reasons to post. The station pushes user-generated content, and holds Facebook contests to gain more followers.

Though The Pendulum certainly doesn’t have the means to give away an iPad to some lucky person who likes the Facebook page during a contest, it will be interesting exploring the creative contests and incentives we can provide in order to gain more fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

-Natalie Allison


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