Pacemaker: Here’s to next year

Photo: Me with our Pacemaker Finalist plaque

Me with our Pacemaker Finalist plaque. Thanks for the picture, Sam!

After walking around the past four days with fancy black ‘Pacemaker Finalist’ ribbons attached to our name tags, The Pendulum‘s website was not the only media organization to walk out of the Crystal Ballroom without a Pacemaker in their hand this afternoon.

As the Online Editor, every week I work with our staff to create unique multimedia-not just videos but interactive graphics as well. We post a new blog post and podcast each day of the week. We just started our own weekly webcast. And The Pendulum is all over social media. Not to mention that each printed word is phenomenal as well. We know that our news organization does great work.

So why does that nice wooden plaque mean so much? I mean, you can’t deny that it’s nice to get some recognition once in a while. But don’t forget, team, we’re only one of eight schools in our section that were even nominated.

Looking ahead to 2012, this is just the beginning for The Pendulum’s pathway into the online world. In the next few months we’re going to be launching a brand-new, beautiful website, which is going to be easier to navigate. We’ll continue to innovate and create unique ways of sharing information. And we’ll make sure that wherever you go, The Pendulum can be there right alongside you, as long as you want us there. And we hope you do, because we’ve got a lot more coming.

Walking home without that plaque is only motivation for us to innovate and push boundaries on the web harder than anyone, while continuing to produce content that meets our highest standards.

Thanks ACP and CMA for a great convention here in Orlando and The Pendulum will see you again in Chicago.

-Jeff Stern


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