Let’s talk about social media, baby

Today was the day Jeff Stern and I got to lead a discussion on social media during a session. It was the two of us, as well as a student from The Daily Tarheel. We got to talk about what we are doing with social media, listen to what the students at the University of North Carolina are doing and then hear from the students in the session about what they are also doing.

It was really neat hearing about what is working for other papers and what other papers are struggling with. People always have interesting ideas that I would’ve never thought of. I loved hearing one student’s problems with getting visibility online and then listening to the rest of the room offer up over a dozen different ideas of ways to help him. Social media, as I’ve said before, is a constant changing thing, and we’re all kind of flying by the seats of our pants as we work to try and figure it out on a day-by-day basis, so listening to what others are figuring out helps our own trials and errors.

It was also cool to see people interested in what we’re doing and helping others accomplish what they want to do. It makes me realize that everything we’re doing is making a difference.

– Sam Calvert


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