iPad apps may be what extends the lifeline of print products

Even at my internship this summer where I worked with the iPad everyday and created the application for the summer issue of the magazine, I still saw it as something very different from the print product. At the last session I went to yesterday about creating an iPad Application for a college newspaper made me realize that tablet products are the closest thing that magazines can do to creating a print product.

As one of the speakers said tablets are really emulating print magazines but creating a different area where you can use videos, photo slideshows and everything else. The showed a video from Martha Stewart Lifestyle Magazine about the launch of its first Ipad app. It was able to have a video on the cover of the magazine and commercials, instead of still advertisements, inside the magazine. I had never thought of that opportunity before.

While we do not have the resources or funds to create an iPad app at The Pendulum right now, but there were so many things that this session made me start to ask. I have questions that apply to the creation of magazine apps as well as ones for students newspapers.

  • Is it better to write the code for the application or use a program like adobe publishing suite?
  • What opportunities do apps lead to in the advertising field?
  • Should publications rely on creating issues of their magazine, creating an actual app or both?
  • How does Apple’s newsfeed create a monopoly or advantage when it comes to iPad apps?

-Rebecca Smith


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