From the other side of the table

I was really excited to see so many other Pendulumers when I walked into the 12:30 session, a roundtable discussion of social media. Not just because it’s nice to be around them but because they came out to support Sam Calvert and I. Both of us were leading the panel discussion along with the Online Editor from UNC’s Daily Tar Heel.

It was a great experience getting to facilitate a room full of discussion about social media tools. We started by comparing and contrasting ways that social media is being used at a larger school such as UNC compared to Elon. After that the discussion took on a life of its own. Many advisers and students expressed their thoughts on the topic, what they found to be successful practices and sought advice.

But probably one of the most rewarding parts of the experience was when another student came up to Sam and I and asked us about The Swing, our web show which we just launched this past week. She was interested in how she could start a web show like that. And, thanks to her, I even have one new Twitter follower!

Social media for the win.

-Jeff Stern


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