Deadline deadbeats

This session with Alexa Capeloto addressed a common issue editors are faced with: missed deadlines. She compared a missed deadline to a workplace accident: it hurts the person and the system.

She broke down her entire presentation into several sections on how to prevent missed deadlines and how to deal with them when it happens. The biggest piece of all this was that there has to be clearly-laid out expectations and consequences; both of which we may be lacking at The Pendulum. I think we should set stricter guidelines so reporters can get a clearer idea of where we’re coming from.

There was one thing Capeloto said that gave me pause. She kept giving ideas about incentives for meeting deadlines and creating awards or prizes for those that do. In my opinion, meeting deadlines shouldn’t be rewarded specifically, it should be expected. The reward is a complete, comprehensive product that our entire staff and all our writers can be proud of.

That in itself, is reward enough.

-Rachel Southmayd

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