Corkboards everywhere

I decided that today I would go to a session about interacting with people. I think being able to interact with people and keep them happy and motivated is important no matter what position you hold in whatever field you want to go into. Unfortunately, what I thought was going to be a session about motivating people turned into a session where we were given a bunch of ideas specific to if you were an editor-in-chief. Seeing as I am not the editor-in-chief and I’m not going to be the editor-in-chief, this was not very helpful to me. But I did learn some interesting tips:

– Plan fun outings and activities for the staff to do together
– Introduce job shadowing so that staff members can learn different areas of the paper
– Have evaluations and anonymous surveys throughout the semester to get constant feedback
– Make someone an editor for the day
– Create a bravo drop bucket to recognize good work throughout the paper

The big thing that the speaker told us is that we have to own our office space. She suggested that we cover the walls with corkboards and put christmas lights on the ceiling. Colin, did you hear that? Corkboards. They are the key to keeping your staff happy.

– Sam Calvert


One thought on “Corkboards everywhere

  1. Really? Corkboards? I think not. I wonder about the speaker’s credibility if a suggestion is to vomit bulletin boards on every inch of wall space.

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