Thank you, Elon, for teaching me what I need to know

As is likely with so many sessions in so few days, there was bound to be at least one dud. For me, it was “How to Get Hired” with Pason Gaddis. He didn’t teach me anything new, but he did affirm that Elon is definitely doing its job preparing me for the career search. Gaddis gave his top 10 tips on a job interview. His list was:

  1. Do your homework by researching the company and interviewee ahead of time
  2. Dress for success
  3. Make a list of your key assets coming into the interview
  4. Show enthusiasm
  5. Practice interviewing
  6. Pay attention to body language
  7. Manage your online presence
  8. Be ready to ask questions
  9. Summarize why the job is a good fit
  10. Thank the interviewer (with a hand-written note)

There was however, one major point Gaddis made that I completely disagree with. He said to send your interviewer a gift. I think this is going way to far and gives some candidates an unfair and unjust advantage over others. One interviewee can afford to send a Harry and David fruit tower and one is living paycheck to paycheck or not even making ends meet. So why does the one get to look better and get an upperhand on the other? This is NOT OK in my book.

Final note: Gaddis said his favorite question to ask interviewees is, “If I called your last supervisor, what would he or she say about you?”

Just something to think about…

-Rachel Southmayd


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