Speed dating

This was the session I’d been waiting for since we got the schedule a few weeks ago: Romancing your source: Using speed dating techniques to get the most out of your interview. Mostly I was just excited because we were going to get to essentially speed date with other students at the conference and get to learn about their lives.

First, we went through the basics of interviewing, but that wasn’t super exciting. When I say basics, I mean basics, so that wasn’t anything new. But then we got to put it to practice. We turned around and spent four minutes talking with the person behind us. The first two were me interviewing her, and the second two were her interviewing me. Then we talked about it. Although I was not very impressed with the session leader. She kept asking us if we had learned silly things about the other people, like what high schools they went to or what their favorite colors were. That is not what makes people interesting. People’s passions and goals and loves are what make them interesting. Favorite colors and past high schools are not.

But I did get to meet some incredible people and find out some incredible stories, even in such a short period of time. Although I’m pretty sure I was supposed to learn something about interviewing and practicing my interviewing skills, what I really took away from it was a reminder of how truly interesting people are. I think a lot of times we lose sight of that fact so often and try to just stay on the surface. Even in our story ideas we forget that and simply focus on the awards and achievements, missing the most interesting and wonderful parts of people. The world is full of fascinating human beings. Why do we not take time to realize that?

– Sam Calvert


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