How to (maybe) get hired

Session: How to Get Hired

I still have a little more than a year and a half left as an undergraduate at Elon and while the job market is not currently sitting at the top of my priority list, it’s certainly something that is never far from my mind. I attended the session “How to Get Hired” hoping to learn new, insightful ways to approach the job search and set myself apart from the competition. Instead, what I heard was the same job interview checklist I’ve been told a million times, in a hundred different ways. Maybe it’s the benefit of an Elon education or maybe I’ve just lucked out with previous job presentations I’ve heard, but I felt the session, led by Florida Weekly President Pason Gaddis, missed the mark.

If we’re all being told to make our resumes creative, doesn’t that end up making us all the same? If we’re told to “turn out weaknesses into a strength,” doesn’t that just mean everyone uses the same old, tired phrase of “I am too committed to my work”? These are tips we have read in blog posts, heard from professors and have been ingrained into how we, as students, prepare to launch our career. Where’s the fresh approach? Where is the advice that is, you know, actually going to get me hired?

-Caitlin O’Donnell


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