How to get hired — or at least how to seem professional in an interview

Since I hear from School of Communications professors all the time about the kinds of skills and qualities potential employers are looking for, I wanted to compare the advice I’ve heard before with that of someone in the professional world. Somehow, I missed the fact that the same presenter (Pason Gaddis) who held my session earlier in the morning was giving this one too. Had I known that, I would have tried to mix things up and chosen a different session.

Sort of like the last session, Gaddis meant well in trying to share helpful tips and advice about the topic (which was how to get hired), but most of what he said was the same kind of stuff we hear in interview advice sessions at school. Which, I guess means those are the tips to follow.

Do your homework beforehand, dress for success, show enthusiasm and practice interviewing were among the pieces of advice Gaddis gave us. Again, these are not things I haven’t heard before. They’re important, but I expected to hear something less generic from a whole session devoted to how to get hired. Maybe other colleges don’t have career services programs or professors who provide advice about dealing with the professional world.

-Natalie Allison


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