Free For All Sports Time!

The second session I attended today was basically a Q&A with Eric Adelson, a writer for Yahoo! Sports. He took questions from the audience and told a couple stories about his sportswriting experiences.

Some of the fun facty things he said were:

  • The best things for portfolios are moving, inspirational stories that no one else has, a powerful story about the human condition.
  • For post-game interviews, he talked a lot about getting the turning point of the game. One thing that really stood out was this he said: “Change is the key word when writing a game story.” When did things change? Unfortunately for Elon football, change happens really early when the ball gets turned over. And then we’re done for.
  • Focus on the human condition and people will read.
  • Other people than the person you’re writing a profile on are usually better quotes. Talk to the people around them, who observe them and know them.

Adelson talked about two different stories he had written. One was the product of some extra digging he did on a girl playing offensive line in a Michigan high school and the other involved the relationship between Ron Artest and his father. Both were interesting stories that I will let you, the reader, read for yourself.

– Zachary Horner


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