Creating an iPad application

This was definitely the coolest session I attended today. The Pendulum may not have the resources or money to produce an application the way that Iowa State Daily did using Adobe Digital Publishing Suites, but boy was it cool to see how they did it.

They saw the tablet as more of a digital version of a printed product. It’s issue-based and what they plan on pushing out each week reads just as if you were flipping through a newspaper. Every day I’m more intrigued by the idea of mobile news media on tablet devices because of how closely it emulates the real-world, with some fun enhancements. I’ve been considering doing research in this field and looking at the way we engage with news on tablet devices compared to either their print counterparts or webpages is something I think I’d like to explore.

In fact, I’m going to meet with Iowa State Daily’s Director of Digital Media tomorrow morning and I’m looking forward to swapping ideas with him and seeing what else there is to learn.

Till tomorrow,

-Jeff Stern


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