Chicken Salad Never Tasted So…(Insert Witty Adjective Here)

“We’re going to gut six student newspapers in 30 minutes. We’ll tear down their front pages and redesign everything – including the name of the paper. We’ll rewrite every headline and every lede. If you don’t like what you see, make a compelling counter-argument and win some love beads.”

Compared to the descriptions of the normal sessions, this really stood out. But it took some convincing to go to this session led by Michael Koretzky from Florida Atlantic University. This guy was fired by FAU as the media advisor but continues to work there for free. He’s regarded as one of the top people in college newspapers AND he looks like Chuck Norris, but he talks like a sailor.

This session was called “Chicken Salad II: Extreme Makeover.” I did not go to the first session but a few people convinced me to go to the second one. And boy was it a hoot. Love beads, witty jokes, mass destroying of newspaper front pages. I kept waiting to see our paper up there about to be torn to shreds but it didn’t happen.

I actually learned a lot about design during this session. For instance, design. I knew diddly-squat about design. But now I know what looks like a good page and what doesn’t. The biggest things were making students your front-page stories and not showing the back of people’s heads in photos.

I liked the guy. He was funny, entertaining and thought-provoking. A little crude at times, yes, but I would like to go to another session if possible. We’ll see.

– Zachary Horner


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