Being a Better Blogger

“Find something you’re passionate about.” I feel like I’ve heard that before.

But that statement has never been more pressing as it is for what could become your blog. Especially if you have any interest in sustainability. Andy Dehnart, author of Reality Blurred, is very aware of this as he’s been blogging about reality television for the past eleven years.

In addition to some general advice such as “post frequently,’ ‘engage on multiple levels,’ and ‘write about what interests you, not what you think will please other than people,’ he also showed off some really cool blog management tools such as, Klout and CrowdBooster.

One of the most important things that he mentioned was to dig yourself deep into your niche and stay there. For him, that’s having a sarcastic personality on reality television. For others that’s removing Garfield from Garfield cartoons. (Awesome link, by the way)

These sessions are always so encouraging and make me feel like I want to start a blog right now. But I know I could never do it well. I’m not sure if I’d ever be a great blogger, but sessions like this definitely make me know that anyone can try if they want to.

-Jeff Stern


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