Process doesn’t matter

The Chicken Salad session on designing and writing better front pages was hyped up for me. I was told it would be weird, profane and noisy, and it certainly was.


I’m not a designer or a writer, but I enjoy dabbling in the two on production nights. Michael Koretzky is a genius, a bold one. In this session he handed out beads to anyone that said anything interesting or funny. (Koretzky: “What’s wrong with this page?”  / The girl next to me: “Everything!” / Koretzky: “Give her some beads!”) He was a very interesting, different speaker and he was a strong conclusion to a good first day of sessions.

Three of his better points, drawn from feedback on pages he showed:

  •  The process doesn’t matter. Not when you’re writing about it and not when you’re making a newspaper. It’s the result that counts.
  • You’d never print a press release so don’t always use graphics provided by University Relations. Especially if you don’t understand them.
  • Don’t let Jesus Christ be the only face on your front page. Unless Jesus Christ goes to your school.

We’ve taken more risks in our design recently and I’m looking forward to seeing how our paper’s design will continue to grow in the future.

-Jeff Stern


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