One on one time with Bill Elslen

One great feature of this conference is the “Editor in Residence” sessions where you can schedule one-on-one time with former Washington Post editor Bill Elslen to discuss whatever you’d like.

Personally, I wanted to talk about pursuing job and internship opportunities, specifically my resume and cover letter.

His incredibly well-trained eye noticed that two of the dates on my resume were 1 pt bigger than my others in font size and he noticed a single extra space between two words. He also recommended I add a “References” section. For my cover letter, he stressed that the cover letter shouldn’t include any information that can be found in the resume, aside from the name. He even advised getting creative in terms of structure and topic, especially since I’m pursuing writing positions.

He was such a great guy. We commiserated about our mutual soar throat issues and talked about the beach. I’ve found that these one-on-one sessions are my favorite part these type of conferences because they remind you that you are an individual and there is no “one size fits all” approach to this industry.


-Rachel Southmayd


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