Let’s get more Facebook fans

Jeff, Anna and I all went to a session about using Facebook in the newsroom. Going into it, I was a little bit nervous because social media sessions can go one of two ways: they can either be awesome and innovative or boring and for people that have never used Facebook before. I was wary of the latter because I’ve been to some in the past that have been that way, but I figured since it had Facebook in the title and my position does require me to use that, I would go.

It turned out to be the former. The speaker, Ben Eveloff, worked as the online adviser to a college newspaper, and he went through a lot of different ways to market information on the Facebook using pages. There were a lot of things that weren’t revolutionary, but they were things that I wouldn’t necessarily have come up with all at once. Then he went through and talked about the Facebook algorithm, and that part I already knew. But the session gave me a lot of good ideas to bring back and hopefully get more traffic through our Facebook page.

– Sam Calvert


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