Creative Problem Solving with Cartoons

What better way to start off the first morning of a convention with some cartoons? While here at the National College Media Convention, I plan on participating in a lot of sessions that are completely different for me. Yes, I’ll go to the “make your website better” and “shoot good video” sessions, but I also want to learn about completely new things.

That’s why I went to “Advertising Lessons from Mr. Magoo” this morning. Since joining, our newspaper has not always been as business-focused as we are on our content. I thought I’d try and get some new insight as to how we could increase advertising revenue. As stated, the first step is to “Name the barrie.” And then “Articulate the goal.”

The session was more conceptual in nature and didn’t go through actual ways on how we can each fix our own problems. That’s the next step: our staff has to generate the ideas but, most importantly, also act on them. Without that, we haven’t accomplished anything. Our staff knows what our barriers are, we need to clearly define the goal and then work to fix that.

While I’d much rather be making videos then selling ads, I certainly recognize the necessity of it. I hope that on our return to Elon, through brainstorming, our staff can find ways to bring those ads in the door. Especially more coupons for Mellow Mushroom, those would be ideal.

-Jeff Stern


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