Chicken Salad II: Extreme Makeover

If you have ever been to a college media conference then you have probably heard about Michael Koretzky’s sessions. So of course five of us ended up sitting next to each other during ‘Chicken Salad II Extreme Makeover’ even though we are supposed to split up for sessions.

Koretzky is bold. He is loud. He is graphic. He is one of those people that you really want to know what he thinks about your product, but at the same time you have a little sigh of relief when the paper he pulls up to edit is not yours. That sigh is only because you know he would be extremely honest and he would make it so that you have a lot more to work on.

Luckily the topics he is discussing are things that all newspapers need to work on. Like always I enjoyed hearing what he had to say on how to improve our papers. My one complaint is that we do not have as much freedom as he does. We cannot just choose to change the flag of a paper or the theme of the paper for no reason. So I do wish that it could be a little more rooted in reality to help us with the issues we truly face in production night. But the little things that he does (rewriting the ledes, rewriting the headlines, changing the dominant art) are all things that we all need to do on a regular basis. It amazes me that he can just think up solutions and improve the papers so much!

-Rebecca Smith


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