Integrating Facebook Pages into Your Online Strategy

Integrating Facebook Pages into Your Online Strategy
Ben Eveloff, Assistant Professor of Communication at Lewis University

The Pendulum is in the planning stages of a social media campaign to increase our number of fans and followers.  With the creation of the social media campaign it has increased ten fold but we could be doing better.  This session discussed the best ways to create a fan page, useful apps and EdgeRank.  Creating the fan page was a ground refresher and I’ve debated creating a fan page for myself, so I think this gave me a few ideas.  Some good apps for newspapers are Livestream, Scribd for Pages and Youtube for Pages. He also talked about the value of iFrame tabs and how easy it is to create unique pages for fans and nonfans.

The last bit on EdgeRank was very interesting and all new to me.  I need to read a little bit more about the way Facebook configures what is important and worth more, but this was a decent start.  I was wondering if Eveloff would mention Facebook Timeline but knows when that is actually going to be made public.  Tomorrow I’m going to a few more social media sessions so hopefully I’ll be tying them all together.

-Anna Johnson


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